I’ve wanted a dog for a long time, and have talked myself out of getting one on numerous occasions over the last few years. There were a few moments during this time where I was actually handed a dog’s leash and told that I could keep the dog, no problem. It took a lot of effort to not just walk off into the sunset with a new furry friend. As much as I wanted one, getting a pet just didn’t fit with my lifestyle. I was very poor and sleeping outside or bouncing around from couch to couch wherever I was.

But some things have changed recently. I’ll still be traveling a lot, but I am looking forward to having a home base here in Maine. I’m not settling down, more like slowing down, with the purpose of spending more time with the people I care about and having more time to write books.

And because of that, Maggie and I decided that the timing, while not necessarily perfect, was pretty good to add a new canine member to the crew. It also helped that Maggie had been asking me about getting a dog for many months. I was practically hearing “can we get a dog, pleeeease” in my sleep.

So, I would like to introduce Potato.


Potato is completely insane in all the ways that a puppy should be. She is about twelve weeks old right now, and we got her a couple of weeks ago. She likes to push our buttons and be mischievous, but she is also very, very sweet. We love her a lot, and I think she likes us at least a little bit.

I was hoping that Potato would be a help around my office, which is currently a kitchen table, but she mostly just likes to try to bite my toes and shred the paper towels that she somehow finds whenever she wants one (no clue where she gets them). She is quite a handful, but that’s part of the charm of raising a pup. Never a dull moment.

At the very least, she is very cute to look at. I mean, look at that face.


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